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Stichting Glasgow Christian School aims to support Christian (Reformed) education in Scotland. At the moment the charity has connections with a group in Glasgow who is busy trying to set up a school in the Shettleston area of Glasgow.


Scotland doesn’t have a network of Reformed or even more general Christian schools the way Holland has. This can partly be explained from the history of Scottish schools. In the past most schools were set up by churches and these churches had the oversight over them. At some point these schools were handed over to the state after they promised that they would maintain the Christian character of the school. This happened for a while, but it eroded and it is now very difficult to find much trace of Christianity in the schools. In fact, it is getting more and more difficult for Christians to send their children to the state schools with a good conscience. The curriculum has no place for God and the Bible and instead teaches the lie of evolution and offers children a secular worldview.

There are only a handful of Christian schools in Scotland, and they are very small. Round about 20 pupils is quite normal. The schools don’t get any financial support from the government at all. They really struggle to keep going as they are dependent on gifts from parents, other Christians and churches. This is partly the reason why there are so few Christian schools. The churches are very small in Scotland and they are not able to support a network of Christian schools. Many parents cannot afford to contribute a lot either. That’s why most parents have no choice but to send their child to the state school or to educate them at home.

The Scottish Organisation

The organisation in Glasgow which is planning to set up a school in Glasgow is called “Sunrise Christian School”. They have just appointed a school board, they have approved a constitution and they are now busy trying to get registered as a charity.

Sunrise Christian School is supported by the Free Church (Continuing), the Reformed Presbyterian Church and the Reformed Baptist Church. The school has a Statement of Faith which is based upon the Westminster Confession of Faith, Baptist Confession, Savoy Declaration and the Three Forms of Unity. This Statement can be found in the school’s constitution which can be accessed on www.glasgowchristianschool.blogspot.co.uk

The organisation hopes to start in August 2013 with a so-called 'co-homeschooling' school. This means that the parents will teach the children at the school. If they start in that way and the lessons are not full-time then they will not be recognised as a school and therefore they will not need to be inspected. As soon as a teacher is appointed they will constitute a school and will be inspected within 6 months. In August 2014 it is hoped that enough funds are raised to be able to open a primary school. Just now the plan is for the school to temporarily use the Free Church (Continuing) building in Shettleston until enough funds are raised for a suitable building. If you are interested in contributing to the funds for a building click here

On the photos below you can see their temporary building, which is far from ideal:

The organisation has one year to find a building, raise enough funds and appoint a teacher. The plan is to have everything in place by March next year as the registration process needs to be started a few months before the school is due to open.


Funds needed

There is a lot of money involved in setting up a school, and more particularly maintaining it. There’s the cost of the building (mortgage or rent), the teachers salaries and the educational resources. As the school will not get a penny from the state it is reliant upon gifts, and preferably monthly ones as the school needs a regular monthly income. Of course the parents themselves will contribute what they can, but the school will need the support of churches and individual Christians. Because the Christian community is so small in Scotland they are hoping that the Dutch Christians would consider supporting their effort in providing Christian education for children.

This is where our charity comes in. We hope to raise funds through various fundraising activities in order to support this great work as much as possible. You can support us financially by giving a one-off donation or by committing to a monthly amount, however small. Your support will ensure that not only the children of Christian parents will be able to receive Christian education, but also non-Christian children will be reached with the gospel.

“But Jesus called them unto him, and said, Suffer little children to come unto me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God.” Luke 18 v 16

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Or email admin@sunrisechristianschool.co.uk

One of the families who are hoping to send their children to the new school

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